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The Right Design

Working through the construction documents to the point where we can obtain a construction permit can be complicated and downright challenging at times.  The building permit is not the first part of the process but it is usually the process that takes the most patience and time in working through the process. We maintain a consistent commitment to work closely with the architect and/or designer to deliver exceptional value to our clients.  Whether it be a “design/build” relationship where we collectively develop a set of construction drawings with the help of our subcontractors and vendors on smaller projects or we work strictly on a full design and engineered set of drawings on larger projects, we have the flexibility to help our clients through the design and development process regardless of the design process.

The Right Relationships

Relationships with related professionals such as engineers, designers, architects, landscape designers and environmental consultants are an integral part of maintaining the continuity of a construction project.

We have created and maintained relationships with the top professionals in our industry to enable us to utilize the expertise needed to facilitate and expedite your projects needs.

The Right Location and Budget

We work closely with the top real estate companies in our area to help identify the right location for our clients as well as help in the lease negotiating process by offering preliminary budgets so that both the landlord and the tenant have a more clear understanding of what the true construction costs could be so that both parties can make educated decisions as the lease process is finalized.

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Quality Subcontractors and Vendors

There is an old cliché in the construction industry that says, “You are only as good as your best subs”. The old saying is absolutely true. As a general contractor, our primary objective when we begin the project management process is to retain the very best subcontractors in our market. Whether it is the site work & grading contractor, the concrete finisher or the final cleaning service on a project, if the subcontractor or vendor that we use isn’t qualified, insured, highly experienced and quality minded then we don’t hire them. Simply put, we only hire the best subs, vendors and skilled workforce to perform the quality projects that we produce. Quality minded people produce quality work…. every time.